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Two sons of Dr. Alan D. Hathaway stand next to the Ten-Millionth Ford as they talk with Tom Davidson, with red cap. That historic 1924 Ford was a barn rescue by Dr. Hathaway in the 1960s and he initiated re-enacting the original 1924 Sea to Sea Lincoln Highway trip during significant milestone years. Photo was taken June 2, 2024, which is Day 1 of the fourth time the historic 1924 Ford has traveled the Lincoln Highway from New York to San Francisco, and is the Platinum 100th Anniversary of the original event.

On Wednesday June 18, 1924, the ten-millionth Ford overnighted in York, while traveled the Lincoln Highway from New York to San Francisco. The car left Times Square in New York on June 16, which was 12-days after the car rolled off the production line in Detroit. This summer, that same car will be repeating that cross-country journey on the Lincoln Highway.

What was your favorite Pontiac? Was it purchased at Doll’s Pontiac in York? That building at 337 West Market Street was built in 1887 as the City Hotel of Eli Kindig, the patriarch of horse dealers and antiquarians. Fascinating stories of folks and businesses associated with the building are shared in this post.

Dan Trimmer inquired about a story often shared by an uncle; who, while working at the York Motor Company in 1929, claimed to have repaired a flat tire on the car of Henry Ford. Newspaper reports do place Henry Ford in York County, Pennsylvania, on June 7, 1929; where he visited several places, including the York Motor Company. In June of 1929, Henry Ford was on an automobile journey across Pennsylvania; from east to west, primarily on the Lincoln Highway.

Nick Lentz noted that when his grandparents dated they often went to the Imperial Theatre in Wrightsville. Those dates always included shared dreams of buying a car as they walked by an enticing car lot at the theatre entrance. That car lot turned out to be shrewdly located by the common owner of the Theatre and the Lincoln Highway Garage; which was an agency for Ford, Dodge and Buick automobiles.