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East Prospect Archives

Keystone Markers are in the news.  The March/April 2013 issue of Pennsylvania Magazine has a feature article on Keystone Markers.  June Lloyd wrote a post on her Universal York blog about these Keystone shaped signs marking entrances to many Pennsylvania towns.  Jim McClure noted on his blog, York Town Square,

Present day East Prospect formed on a high tract of land in Lower Windsor Township, about one-mile from the Susquehanna River.  In 1831 the first substantial building was constructed on the northeast corner of a crossroads in this area; it was a stone structure used by the Evangelical Association.  This

This photo shows the employees of the Edward J. Sitler Cigar Factory in East Prospect, York County, PA.  This post explains how I’ve used a combination of personal family history, late 1800s history of East Prospect, and late 1800s Factory Inspection Reports to date the photo and to research the

A few years ago substantial State budget cuts forced the State Library of Pennsylvania to cut back hours to three-days-a-week; lets hope the new State budget does not force further cuts.  I’ve had an 1896 photo from East Prospect for some time and visited the State Library in search of

I have an 1896 photo from East Prospect.  I’ll use several resources to assist in a more detailed identification of this photo.  This post explores the late 1800s history of East Prospect, via the 1876 map showing property owners and via quotes from George Prowell’s 1907 History of York County.

I will be presenting a talk entitled “Private Burial Grounds, Discovering Their Stories,” at the monthly meeting of the South Central Pennsylvania Genealogical Society.  This meeting will be held in the Meeting Hall of the York County Heritage Trust, at 250 East Market Street, York, Pennsylvania on Sunday February 3rd.  The business