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Pacific Ocean Archives

In 1932 Amelia Earhart became the first women, and second person, to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean, doing so five years after Charles Lindbergh accomplished that feat. York, Pennsylvania, was a stop on Earhart’s lecture circuit in 1933, where she recounted events of the flight.

The S. Morgan Smith Company, in York, Pennsylvania, was a prime contractor for manufacturing hydraulic-pneumatic catapults for launching Navy planes from the decks of aircraft carriers during World War 2. The catapult model, they produced, was capable of reliably launching 9,500-pound airplanes in 73-feet to a speed of 61 knots. Praise for manufacturing the catapult very much dominated the presentation of the Army-Navy “E” Award this company received on August 19, 1944.

YorksPast started with a post on July 26, 2012. Two years and nearly two months later, this marks my 500th post of sharing a hodgepodge of explorations of York’s Past. I’ve learned a lot, via my research, for those posts; I hope my readers enjoyed what I’ve shared along the