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Railcar Historical Background Archives

Chapter 16, of my historical novel Railcar Gold, will begin on Thursday.  Each chapter header illustration ties together with the chapter content.  Chapter 16 is entitled Founders, hence the illustration featuring the founders of the railcar building firm Billmeyer & Small. Charles Billmeyer In my post Resemblance is remarkable between

Charles Billmeyer, one of the founders of the railcar builders Billmeyer & Small in York, Pennsylvania, died on November 25, 1875.  His son George S. Billmeyer died on January 13, 1917 and George’s obituary notes his grandfather was Andrew Billmeyer; a “fact” which carried over into several bibliographies and various

This is a zoomed in view of George S. Billmeyer, from the side-by-side portraits of George and his father Charles Billmeyer that appeared in my post Resemblance is remarkable between Goodridge image of Charles Billmeyer and photo of his son, George S. Billmeyer.  This photo was taken during the spring

In November, Leviathan Week at Steam Into History will feature TWO 1860s era replica Steam Locomotives rambling on the tracks adjacent to the York County Rail Trail in Southern York County.  On May 10th, 1869, the Union Pacific Railroad building from the East, linked up with the Central Pacific Railroad,

The Estate Inventories of George S. Billmeyer (1849-1917), followed by his widow Fannie E. Billmeyer (1862-1932) contain many photographs; unfortunately none identified, at least not in the inventory lists.  Just imagine all the photos that hung on the walls and sat on the piano in the pictured ballroom of the

Every Thursday, I post the next part of my RAILCAR GOLD novel; a historically accurate multi-generational fictional tale of hidden treasure primarily set in York County during the later half of the Nineteenth Century.  The first generation fictional character that ties a host of historical events together in the 1800s