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Kit Lentz submitted two Melvin’s drive-in photos; which are new to me. Who can identify these five girls at the original drive-in location, next to Mill Creek; photo is probably from late 1940s or early 1950s? Melvin’s original drive-in was demolished in the late 1950s, with the construction of I-83.

In 1832 Phineas Davis built the “Atlantic” an improved version of his 1831 “York” locomotive for the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. While the “York” was the first successful coal burning locomotive in the United States, the “Atlantic” was considered the first commercially successful locomotive; finishing its active life as a

Three public talks by Stephen H. Smith are scheduled over the next five weeks. This year, the majority of my talks have been to private groups following luncheons, so this is your chance for the general public to catch some of my newer talks. A synopsis and scheduling of all

Drawings and a photo of a gathering at the Schaszberger-Dempwolf Farm were recently donated to the Springettsbury Township Historic Preservation Committee. Seated at the left part of that photo is Edward F. Schaszberger and at his shoulder is his grandson, 10-year-old, John Armour Dempwolf. Immediately behind Edward is his daughter

My presentation Codorus Navigation Works premiered earlier this week at the monthly meeting of the Manchester Township Historical Society. I’ll draw upon that talk, plus further research, as I continue the series of posts exploring the history of the Codorus Navigation Works. Completed in November of 1833, this canal allowed