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Battle of Wrightsville – rare photograph of the battlefield: Linked in to York County history, Sept. 15, 2012

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This aerial photograph of Wrightsville, its bridges and the Susquehanna River is a two-fer. You get a view of all this, particularly the two parallel bridges linking Wrightsville and Columbia when the Veterans Memorial Bridge was dedicated in 1930. The new bridge, standing today, is on the downstream side. Its neighbor, an iron bridge, was scrapped in the 1960s, but its piers remain. But here’s the neatest thing about this photograph, from a dedication bridge dedication booklet. It shows Wrightsville only 65 years after the Civil War. The farmland in the foreground – divided by the Lincoln Highway, now Route 462 – is a battlefield, acreage covered in the Battle of Wrightsville. It was the land Confederates crossed, against Union entrenchments, in their rush to secure the wooden covered bridge then spanning the river. Much of that land is now developed or is being built over. It shows the rebels had a long run to the bridgehead, after tramping 20 miles on a hot day in late June 1863. It was a fruitless  run, as we know, because the bridge was aflame, torched by Union troops to impede enemy passage across the river. (See links to additional aerial photographs of York County below.) Also of interest: 5 quick facts about the wide Susquehanna River’s long Veterans Memorial Bridge.

Neat stuff from all over … .

The old Electric Map has a new owner. Remember, it was up for auction and the 12-ton, asbestos-laden abandon tourist attraction drew a successful $14,000 bid.

Its new owner is reportedly a Hanover man, Scott Roland, who may use it as part of a revamped downtown Hanover tourist attraction, which would include an interpretation of the Battle of Hanover.

This is great. If all this pans out, welcome to York County, Electric Map.

Endangered artifacts: Virginia’s historical community has put up its top 10 endangered artifacts. You’ll recognize some of these at www.vamuseums.org.

Now to the American Revolution: The York County Heritage Trust and the York Daily Record are sponsoring a media project contest to mark Articles of Confederation Day. Check out the rules at: Articles of Confederation.

Forum of the day:
Dorrie Leader, civil rights leader has died. The Exchange offers an opportunity for you to pay your respects.

York County views from on the air:
Just try to resist studying this memory-tugging photograph
Just try to resist this memory-tugging photo of North York’s White Oak Park
Just try to resist this memory-tugging aerial photograph of York Whitehull Airport and York Valley Inn and Playland and …
So, can you find long-gone Springwood Park in this aerial photograph?
Camp Security area of Springettsbury Township from the air
Just try to resist this memory-tugging photograph of northwest York, Pa.
Building No. 11 in Springettsbury Township. What was it then and what is it now?

Other views
Check out additional aerial views of York County.

*Dedication booklet courtesy of Mel Miller, West Manchester Township Historical Society.