York Town Square

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A decade after this 1961 photo, the Route 30 by-pass was running through here. That's Fireside in the foreground and Interstate 83 at top. The bypass was so called because it routed traffic from York's downtown. Route 462, the old Lincoln Highway, continued to carry traffic through the downtown. Tom Davidson, a student of the Lincoln Highway, presents about the history of this old east/west cross-country road.(YDR file)

Looking for a York County history speaker? Here’s a list of presenters

Looking for a program for an upcoming meeting of your civic group?

These speakers will present about history topics at community groups in the region.

Sandra Kearse-Stockton: This York native and retired Army lieutenant colonel talks about her three-volume memoir of growing up in York and career in the military, among other lifetime experiences. She and her husband fostered more than 100 children, and she’s written a book on those experiences. Contact: slkearsestockton27@gmail.com.

Tom Davidson: The historic Lincoln Highway (Route 462 and Route 30), in York County and across Pennsylvania. This includes buildings and other landmarks along the route, including the Haines Shoe House in Hellam Township. Contact: Tom.Davidson2642@comcast.net.

Sterling Fritz: Genealogical research, Southern York County family research and community history, local church history. Contact: revfritz@gmail.com

Thomas Steele and Tristan Mundis: Red Lion-area history topics. Tom Steele also presents about bottle collecting. bottle collecting. Contact: Tristan Mundis: Ludwigdrums10@gmail.com and Thomas Steele: bigt0722@comcast.net,

Don Robinson: Topics from Delta/Peach Bottom Township, including Welsh immigrants and slate quarrying. Contact: Sprintnut2@gmail.com.

Paul Gunning: Children’s Home of York’s history. Contact: Gunnpj@msn.com.

Steve Nicholas: York industrialist S. Morgan Smith. Contact: Saintnic1967@gmail.com.

Stephen H. Smith: Topics from his YorksPast blog. Contact: Stephen.smith4@comcast.net.

June Lloyd: Select from 10 programs covering various aspects of York County history. Contact: Ycpa89@msn.com.

Chris Hertig: Terrorism in the U.S., law enforcement history, history of security, police history, Underground Railroad slave hunters and enslavers. Contact: chrisahertig@yahoo.com.

Ted Sickler: Topics: York families since the 1950s and “The Conspiracy of 1803.” Contact: tsickler@lnpnews.com.

Scott Mingus: Civil War, Underground Railroad, regional railroad topics, Lincoln funeral train, history of papermaking in York County. Contact: scottmingus@yahoo.com.

Ron Hershner: Themes from his book: ‘Letters From Home: York County, Pennsylvania, during the Civil War.’ Also: Leadership lessons from Abraham Lincoln. Contact: rhershner@stockandleader.com.

Eleanor Boggs Shoemaker: The story of York County’s Parks. Contact: wpebs@earthlink.net 

Jim McClure: Hex Murder, World War II/York Plan, Civil War topics, Presidential visits, Women in York County history, York County Black history, York County Latino history, American Revolution era.  Contact: jimmcclure21@outlook.com.

Jeffrey Kirkland: Black history/Black experience in York. Contact: iced1@comcast.net.

J. Ross McGinnis: Hex Murder and Hex Murder Trials. Contact: jrmcginnis@stockandleader.com.

Charles Stambaugh: Northeastern York County History In Preservation speaks on topics about the Mount Wolf, Manchester and York Haven region: neychip@gmail.com.

Bart Stump: Educator speaks about the Susquehanna River petroglyphs (Indian rock carvings), Continental Currency during the American Revolution and other topics: hawke3@comcast.net.

Donna Peace: Speaks on New Freedom and region: Summit Grove Campground, abolitionist Amanda Berry Smith, Rock Chapel Cemetery & more: donnapeace8@gmail.com

Ken Weiler: Published author speaks on various World War II topics as well as about history areas: kweiler1@comcast.net 

Friends of Lebanon Cemetery: This group provides speakers on the restoration of this historically Black cemetery in North York: Info@friendsoflebanoncemetery.com

Dominish Marie Miller: Hometown History: Jamie and Domi’s YoCo Backstory (with Jamie Kinsley), Northern York County history, Civil War, Woman in the Civil War: dominishmiller@gmail.com.

Jamie Noerpel: Hometown History: Jamie and Domi’s YoCo Backstory (with Domi Miller), York County agricultural/farming history, Pa. Dutch food culture, Golden Venture, home remedies, Appalachian Trail thru-hiker Earl Shaffer: jamietyson2442@gmail.com

Jeri Jones: Geology and fossils of York County and the region and other topics that include dinosaurs, caves, earthquakes, rocks and quarries: jonesgeo@comcast.net.

OLLI at Penn State York: Presenters will tell how this organization offers community members — age 50 years and older — educational, social, travel, and volunteer experiences with the goal of enhancing and enriching their lives: OLLI at Penn State York (psu.edu)





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  1. Hello,
    I’m a former President, Susquehanna Lions club. Manchester, Mt. Wolf area. Were always hunting speakers, history is a good topic. Any topic, except has to be run by the board first. We have roughly 60 members, with covid, about 30 attend.

    1. Randy, Feel free to contact any speaker on the list and query him/her directly. I’ve been to Susquehanna 3-4 times over the years, and you have great group there. I’d be glad to come back. You can email me at jimmcclure21@outlook.com if you’d like to discuss.

  2. I would like to join the York County History Speakers to contribute my knowledge and research of the Second World War in Europe. I’ve published three scholarly books on the subject and am a lecturer at Penn State/York with the OLLI Program. I recently lectured about the 1941 Russian Front and am a member of the Central PA WWII Roundtable. I’m also on the Board of the Hanover Area Historical Society and Co-Chair of its Museum Committee. My wife and I are volunteers with the National Park Service as docents at the Eisenhower National Historic Site in Gettysburg.

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