York Town Square

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The town is no mystery. And the train is from Steam into History’s excursion service. That’s no mystery because it’s the only train running on those tracks nowadays. So here’s the mystery. How many times did Abraham Lincoln pass through Glen Rock, Pa.?

It was serendipity but the answers to the quiz above and the one immediately below rest in one York, Pa., law firm. In other words, the two attorneys who are answers for those two quizzes are principals with the same law firm. I won’t name the firm because it will give away the answers. But I’ve already given enough clues for you to participate by commenting, liking or sharing. If you’re stumped, click on the goo.gl link. Feel free to engage in the other quizzes in the same way.

Donald Shelley, executive director of the Henry Ford Museum, said the 1966 publication of 19th-century York countian Lewis Miller’s work would provide a service for students and historians in opening up a new field of study in American social life, customs, arts and the like. His prediction came true. Now a complementary volume to that now out-of-print book is becoming available in the fall. ‘Lewis Miller’s People’ is a collection of more than 700 of Lewis Miller’s portraits in the collection of the York County Heritage Trust.