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Mention Jacks and you get memories. Jane Black captured this scene of the popular downtown York,Pa., retailer Jacks in the late 1970s. Barry Black, a regular commenter on my Facebook page, posted this winsome scene and noted that his wife worked for Jacks. She honed her artist’s skills at York Academy in the 1970s. Judy Bono also commented on Facebook that the Jacks Store, pointing to two connections. Jacks brought her to York for a buying job and later her husband, Richard Bono, served as architect for the building’s restoration.

York County’s love affair with all things on wheels means wheels of all sizes. As in here, miniature. As in model trains. This elaborate display at the Red Lion Train Station is open to the public this Christmas season. Years ago, the train station was the venue for the 77-mile-long Ma & Pa’s Railroad’s welcome in the borough, and when combined with its trolley service and highways, propelled the borough as a transportation and market center of southeastern York County in the 20th century.

This was Hanover’s square in 1963 as the borough observed the 100th anniversary of the battles of Hanover and Gettysburg. ‘The former Bon-Ton building sits in the background,’ a caption from the Evening Sun in Hanover says about this Hanover Area Historical Society photo. ‘In the 1970s, a metal casing replaced the building’s facade for what many at the time said was urban beautification. The building is now the Square Commercial Center and houses several separate businesses.’ This picture is part of a special Evening Sun project exploring Hanover and Hanover’s Center Square via three time zones – past, present and future.

Voni B. and Lorrayne Grimes were honored at a recent event at their York, Pa., church, Small A.M.E. Zion Church. ‘Let God tell you what he’s going to do in your life,’ Voni Grimes told the large gathering. ‘But most importantly, don’t speak with your mouth. Speak with your heart.’

How do you move a house today? In East Manchester Township this week, a house was moved via remote control. This rancher, in the Gross family for years, was moved to make way for a mammoth warehouse. In 1905, a prominent York Pa., farmhouse was moved via mules and greased logs.