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This engaging scene is downtown Hanover at night. Specifically, the Evening Sun photographer was aiming for – and captured – the news organization’s new digs. It’s the building with the fan-shaped, second-story window known to many as the former Tanger Hardware building.

‘The Bay is more solidly frozen than I’ve seen it in the thirty years I’ve live(d) around here,’ Maryland resident Don McClure wrote on Facebook about the region where the Susquehanna River meets up with the Chesapeake Bay. It was a cold February when Don McClure, a photographer whose work ofen has appeared on YorkTownSquare, wrote this. March is starting that way, too.

This is the cover of a booklet published by Walt Geiger and Dave Leonard to show the impact of Tropical Storm Agnes on the Spring Grove,Pa., area. ‘Codorus Creek crests 96 inches deeps at mill dam, topping 1933 record of 54 inches,’ an introduction to the photo booklet states. Here, water spills onto Spring Grove’s main street from a Glatfelter loading dock.

This is how Lake Redman looked before it was Lake Redman. Lureen Brown provided these photos of that snowy York Township countryside as it looked in 1961. This photo looks across the hill as it comes down from Jacobus. Five years later, lake waters flooded this land. The boat landing at Lake Redman is roughly where the big hill meets the ridge, left center. Lureen Brown said if you’d stand in that field today: ‘You’d be under water.’

York County, Pa., is understandably weary with all the slow – with more expected tonight. But this Media Center gallery reminds us all that we’ve seen weired weather before. And this photo is part of that gallery. Here, a horse is seen in his Felton Road pasture in 2001, but with the addition of high water. Those are part of flash flooding in the area.

The York, Pa., Daily Record’s Kate Penn captured this Norman Rockwell-type scene. Wintry weather did not deter this Valentine Day diners at this downtown York eatery. Count this as the first of several photos or videos capturing another day of a winter of snowstorms.

This is one of a host of photographs made by York, Pa., Daily Record/Sunday News photogs in recent storms. This one, by Sonya Paclob, shows a snow-cover York City from on high, say seven stories up at the Yorktowne Hotel. Why not the Yorktowne’s roof, a favorite perch for photographers over the years? It was off limits for now. It hadn’t been shoveled.