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Wolf would join long list of Yorkers to gain political posts

If Tom Wolf gains the state treasurer’s appointment to replace newly elected U.S. Senator Bob Casey, he will join a line of other York countians who held lofty state and federal government positions.
I listed some of these notables in a previous post but now will add to that list.
Jeremiah Sullivan Black served as U.S. President James Buchanan’s attorney general and secretary of state. He could not gain appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court because of a hostile Senate on the eve of the Civil War… .

His son, Chauncey Forward Black, served as Pennsylvania’s lieutenant governor in the late 1800s.
Originally from Somerset County, Jeremiah Black lived out his post-administration days at his mansion, “Brockie,” south of York.
Also, Albert R. Hydeman, Jr., served as secretary of the state Department of Community Affairs in the 1970s.
He’s probably better remembered as York’s economic and community development director in the Althaus administration.
His liberal Democratic politics provided interesting interplay with Mayor Bill Althaus’ Republican administration.
Do you have any more prominent politicos to add? Please comment.