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Forgotten York Valley Inn may be rediscovered

York Township’s Dianne Bowders posted this picture of the old York Valley Inn on the York Daily Record/Sunday News’ “Your photos” Web site. It’s now an office for Susquehanna Memorial Gardens cemetery. Also of interest: Just try to resist this memory-tugging aerial photograph of York Whitehull Airport and York Valley Inn and Playland and the York Valley Inn. and Check out this drawing of the newer, now demolished York Valley Inn and E-mail query: Was the Valley Inn Garage part of Springettsbury Township’s old York Valley Inn?

It’s probably the most unsung of the unsung historic buildings in York County.

The York Valley Inn, longtime York-area landmark, stands today.

But it’s forgotten, tucked into Susquehanna Memorial Gardens cemetery in York Township.

But its overlooked status might change.

Back to that in a moment… .

The inn stood since 1738 or perhaps 1747 – its founding dates vary – along the main east/west road through York.

Thus, the stone building served as a watering hole for thirsty travelers passing along the way. George Washington and the Marquis de Lafayette are said to be among its most famous visitors.

Gen.John B. Gordon’s Confederate troops camped near there on their way to Wrightsville in late-June 1863.

But growth in Springettsbury Township in the 1950s and 1960s and the widening of Route 462 spelled potential doom to the old inn.
It was dismantled in 1962 and part of it was relocated to Susquehanna Memorial Gardens to serve as a park office.

It sits there today, beautifully restored, and is open for tours.

The cemetery and its office may receive more attention because a developer is proposing hundreds of residences in its vicinity – the Bridgewater development on the land now occupied by the Springwood Golf Course.

Development is again catching up with the old York Valley Inn.

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