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Two newspaper artists documented York County life 50 years ago

Walt Partymiller was best known around York as a newspaper cartoonist. His work appeared on the front page of J.W. Gitt’s Gazette & Daily from the post World War II era to the mid-1970s. He also painted landscapes, as this scene of Campbell Bridge on the York College of Pennsylvania campus attests. Also of interest: Cartoonist made York newspaper owner’s views an art form.

The work of two York County artists in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s appeared in newspapers and homes around York County.

Walt Partymiller was a daily contributor to The Gazette and Daily. His landscapes still hang in homes around York County today.

Likewise, Cliff Satterthwaite documented scenes around York County for J.W. Gitt’s Gazette. He also painted landmarks around York County.

Here’s another example of Partymiller’s landscapes, taken from a virtual rendition of a real exhibit displayed at the York County Heritage Trust several years ago.

Walt Partymiller captures York College’s Campbell Hall, behind the trees.

Cliff Satterthwaite’s work:

pennCliff Satterthwaite emailed this drawing of a drawbridge crossing the tracks at North Penn Street in York. This apparently was the predecessor of a footbridge that crosses the tracks today. Cliff believes that there might have been a manual mechanism to raise the bridge for times when a high load passed underneath. If anyone has more information about that old bridge, please comment below. For a example of the type of Satterthwaite’s documentary art that appeared in newspapers, see: Biographer seeks info about Cliff Satterthwaite.

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