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Reveille, Doxology in one overnight Glen Rock concert?

Terry Cox leads other members of the Glen Rock Carol Singers in their annual Christmas stroll around the streets of Glen Rock in 2004. Background posts: Legendary Glen Rock Carolers to publish history and Glen Rock singers salute English caroling custom.
The revised edition of the history of the Glen Rock Carol Singers bears all kinds of interesting information.
And it answers a question I’ve long wondered…. .

Darryl Engler, music director for the Glen Rock Carolers, at work on Christmas Day, 2005.
How do they have enough material to last them through the six or so hours that they annually serenade this southern York County town each Christmas?
The answer is … they repeat the same 15 or so Christmas Carols multiple times
Here was the group’s playlist from 2006, which varied only slightly from a comparative list from 1988.
Christmas Hymn, 9 times.
While Shepherds, 8 times.
Glory in the Highest, 7 times.
Hosanna in the Highest, 10 times.
Hark! Hark!, 8 times.
The Christmas tree, 7 times.
O Jesus Star of the Morning, 7 times.
Ye faithful, 8 times.
Softly, Sweetly through the air, 10 times
Silent Night, 7 times.
When Christ was Born, 8 times.
Raise Christians Raise, 8 times.
Wish you a Merry Christmas, 4 times.
Reveille, 1 time*
Doxology, 1 time.
The book explained that the asterisk marked the use of reveille to awaken some young carol singer associates at Linda and Dale Smith’s, the last rest stop (the carolers stop at intervals to regroup and warm up.)
“It took more than that to awaken them,” the book stated in parenthesis.