York Town Square

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Old Eastern Market: Obscured by New Eastern Market + garage + time

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The old Eastern Market, then and now. Before there was the New Eastern Market in Springettsbury Township, there was the old Eastern Market on East Market Street in York, Pa. (See before and after courtesy of a special slider at Picturing History.) It operated from the 1880s to 1947, a markethouse serving York’s east end in the same way that the equally obscure Carlisle Street Market was a draw in the city’s west end. The old Eastern Market is an obscure building today, shrouded by an autoseller and garage. It gained a day in the spotlight in the 1990s as the Agricultural Museum that was later merged with the Industrial Museum to become AIM – the York County Heritage Trust’s Agricultural and Industrial Museum.  All this despite the fact that the old Eastern Market almost died in infancy. In 1889, its walls fell down barely missing a boy. For more: The First Eastern Market.

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The big flood:

Johnstown Flood Anniversary
This is one of the iconic photos of the Johnstown Flood, that terrible moment that struck this western Pennsylvania town 125 years ago. For details about the flood and its anniversary, check out: Johnstown Flood.  

Underground chamber, just across the Susquehanna:

The hub: hub The idea that York County can be marketed as a hub, a place that’s near everything, has been proposed for years. Here, Cliff Satterthwaite indicates that it was a notion from the mid-1960s. The idea has merit. That’s how people in York County describe its assets. But the concept didn’t gain traction, then or now. Maybe someday it will.

Interesting place: This site in a remote part of York County always draws interest. Feel free to participate by clicking on the links: