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When Avalong’s putt-putt golf drew people to Springettsbury Township corner

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Now that Memorial Day has passed, your mind goes to past days of summer recreation. Here, Cliff Satterthwaite captures the long-gone miniature golf course near Avalong Restaurant. This was a popular place to play warm weather putt-putt golf, and local residents still remember those days spent near the corner of Whiteford and Mount Zion roads in Springettsbury Township. (See drawing of restaurant below.) Also of interest:  About Avalong’s and Melvin’s: ‘I am some what familiar with the history of the area’.



This drawing of Avalong Farms Dairy Bar greets visitors to the Metro Bank on its former spot. Read more about that Whiteford Road/Mount Zion intersection: Springettsbury Township corner bears witness to changing face of York County.

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We’ll do this in reverse order today.

Here’s my answer to a query, typical of many each week (love them):

“I would say quickly that the York County Heritage Trust no doubt has a thick file on Morris pharmacy and the Yost family. Contact: www.yorkheritage.org. It’s a genealogist’s El Dorado!”

That is the starting place for many such questions.

Now here if the query from Rob Garber, in case you can help him (or comment below):

“Hi – my mother, who is 88, remembers visiting York in the 1930s from Dalton, OH and meeting her father Ralph Buchanan’s ‘cousins’, the Yost family. She remembers Jennie Yost, widow of the pharmacist Geoffrey Yost. Her family ate a meal at the Yost’s house where my mother was impressed that they were given finger bowls after each course. Then they visited the family drug store.

“I’m the family genealogist and would like to establish the family connection. I’m pretty sure it has to do with Virginia ‘Jennie’ Yost, whose maiden name was Frey. Her parents were physician Levi Frey 1829-1894 of Glen Rock and his wife, Anna Amelia Schlosser Frey 1829-1877. My mother’s paternal great grandmother was Henrietta Slusser Taggart 1827-1883, who was born in York–probably to Jacob and Anna Maria Slusser. I assume that Henrietta Slusser and Anna Amelia Schlosser were closely related, possibly sisters or first cousins–but I can’t establish the connection. Is there a local genealogist or historian who might help me untangle the Slusser/Schlosser families of York? I believe Joan Otto had a blog entry on the Morris Drug Store that the Yosts owned, but I can’t find the article.

“I’d also like to find any pictures of the Morris Drug Store that the Yosts ran for many years, to see if my mother will still recognize it after nearly 80 years! It was at 7 E Market St, according to a 1933 map of downtown that Gordon Freireich posted at ydr.com/opinion on 20 Jan 2012.”


The YDR’s Paul Kuehnel captioned this short Memorial Day video: ‘The last living World War II vets remember Memorial Day in York and a
solo by a kindergarten student remembering the brave.’

Poster for Fissels School Open HouseSubmitted
Fissel’s School: One-roomer near Glen Rock, said to be virtually intact from its days of molding young minds.


History mystery: This YDR Facebook post drew lots of interest, whether it was the flood or the ID of the building straight ahead: