York Town Square

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One image illustrates two long-neglected subjects in York area – Iconic photos 26-27 of 31

Also below: Check out Fissel’s one-room school

Then & Now: Students are silhouetted against pictures of Civil War-era residents at the York County Heritage Trust as Justine Landis, right, describes the people of York from that period. People looking to understand their community to serve it better often avail themselves of programs and exhibits at the Trust and numerous other local historical groups dotting York/Adams. (See separate educational iconic photo below.) Background posts: Mayor of York, Pa.: ‘We are no longer unprotected’ – 15/31 iconic photos, Interesting Web site dedicated to American country schools and Looking for a local history research topic?

Two more photos in York Town Square’s series of iconic images – images that tell a story about York County and its history:

The Heritage Trust’s presentation on the Civil War, particularly prominent blacks of that period, combines two overlooked subjects in the study of York County’s past.
Until recently, York County’s Civil War accomplishments have been overshadowed in the York-area by the American Revolution and World War II. The Heritage Trust’s Civil War exhibit erected about five years ago helped interpret the war – both York’s surrender and its moments of indisputable achievements. And black people, often overlooked in past interpretations of York County history, appear here as part of the community that persevered through a long war.
For a virtual tour of the York County Heritage Trust’s permanent Civil War exhibit, see Civil War comes to York County.
And another iconic photo on a different topic:

allenThe J. David Allen & Son photograph shows the differences a century makes in school construction and educational opportunities. It pits a one-room school in southern York County, complete with outhouse, against the sprawling BASCO Associates’-designed Susquehannock Junior/Senior High School, background. The old building is Fissel’s school, listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
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