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Lauxmont from the air, in 2 different seasons, from 2 different directions

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Development along the Susquehanna has gained headlines recently. That would be at the Zimmerman Center, the old Dritt House, in Long Level, and plans to renovate the Susquehanna riverfront in Wrightsville. So, it seems appropriate to take a broader view of land near the river, specifically Lower Windsor Township’s Lauxmont Farm. This land was the source of controversy about five years ago. These two aerial photographs capture the beauty of the land – and give a clue about why the preservationist v. developer battle erupted, in the first place. Also of interest: Property rights foundational factor in Lauxmont dispute.

mw7Lauxmont is familiar to many because it’s a favorite site for weddings. Imagine the view. Also of interest: All York County aerial photos from the start.

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Norina Bentzel is a hero among us.

Not only did she fend off a machete-wielding assailant going after students in her Winterstown school, she is willing to tell about the experience to help others.

She will appear on TV’s “Surviving Evil,” a show focusing on crime stories where victims have turned on their assailants to stay alive. That exactly what Norina Bentzel did in 2001, an act of heroism that we should long remember. For details, see: Surviving Evil.

A mountain lion in western York County? Police say there’s nothing to it, that news of a mountain lion prowling out there is not true.

Oyster fest: This years York County Heritage Trust feature a self-described device, the shuckinator. About 1,500 attended the annual fundraiser.

mcclureGlen Rock’s John Hufnagel sent this along, with a notation: ‘Just saw this and wondered if you had another business? They only want $3400.00 for it.’ Well, I’ve been to that Snyder County borough many times, particularly in the season that they make their famous been soup. Too bad I never invested in bank stock in that town.