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‘The Girl’ is from York, Pa., and she tells about living in Roman Polanski’s shadow

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Samantha Geimer, ‘The Girl,’ has written a book about her life. ‘The Girl’ is the teen that Roman Polanski sexually assaulted, leading to the famed movie director’s flight and life outside America. Sam Geimer is orginally from York, the daughter of well-known York, Pa., attorney Jack Gailey and actress Susan Gailey. When young, she lived on West Philadelphia Street. Many people around York remember her today. Here is an L.A. Times piece about the ‘The Girl, A Life in the Shadow of Roman Polanski.’ That story provided this summary of her memoir: ‘Writing the book, Geimer said, was a way to reclaim her own story. Most of it is about the Polanski case and Geimer’s perspective on how she and others at the center of highly public crimes are exploited.’ All roads, indeed, seem to lead to York. And we’re very proud of our connection with Sam Geimer, who is speaking with candor about a very important topic. And we’re not so about our link with the likes of Roman Polanski. Also of interest: York County, Pa., has tie to fugitive director Roman Polanski’s persistently newsworthy case.

More stuff from all over … .

I posted on YDR Facebook a Murals of York photo of 19th-century businessman Samuel Small, who with his wife, Isabel, was so instrumental in founding major institutions around York County today.

It received some likes, but no one seemed to recognize him.

So I went back on Facebook with this:

“Here’s a quick history bit because this guy did more for York County than practically anyone else in our history: Businessman Samuel Small, the S. in P.A. & S. Small, was instrumental in the founding of York Hospital, York College forerunner York Collegiate Institute, York Benevolent Association and the Children’s Home of York (seen in mural here). We owe him a lot. He’s in another mural or two so he’s not hidden, even if often forgotten.”

Lion debunked: The Game Commission says that any sighting of a mountain lion in York County is a case of mistaken identity. Check out: Game Commission debunks mountain lion talk.

Obama in Gettysburg? No matter your political view, President Obama is U.S. president. So he should be the one speaking in Gettysburg on the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address, or at least the York Daily Record/Sunday News thinks so.

History mystery quizzes: The Samuel Small anecdote above was part of a twice-a-day quiz I put on YDR’s Facebook page, a growing York County meeting place. They usually draw great engagement, and I often go in and get involved. That FB page will soon top 20,000 fans, one of the largest fans bases in York County. So a lot of people see these quizzes, and people often say so. It’s a fun way to spread York County history. The following History mystery quiz drew about 30 likes and more than 20 comments. See if you can solve it?
History mystery building: You know this as the former residential area across from Round the Clock, now occupied by Sheetz and Cheddars. OK, but what was that towered old factory building in the distance? Did you ever work there or know someone who did? (Answer is here: http://bit.ly/KAw2I3).