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Battle of Wrightsville – Rare photograph of the battlefield, Part 2: Linked in to York County history, Sept. 26, 2012

More stuff below: Steve Stetler/Stewartstown Railroad/Fall foliage

Scott Mingus of York took a rare photograph of Wrightsville in 1930 and turned it into a history lesson about the Civil War. See the original photograph on this post: Battle of Wrightsville – rare photograph of the battlefield. An check out Scott’s explanation on his Cannonball blog post: 1930 Wrightsville photo shows old battlefield from the Gettysburg Campaign. And while we’re at looking at neat aerial photographs of Wrightsville, check out another view of Wrightsville-Columbia from the Wrightsville side of the Susquehanna River in 1930, 65 years after fighting in that area . Also of interest: Off the beaten track in Wrightsville, Pa.

More stuff from all over … .

Tom Smith, ridehog@sc.rr.com, lives down in Myrtle Beach. He has read news accounts of the planned restoration efforts of the old comfort stations under York’s Continental Square.

He sent along these memories:

“I was born in York in 1945. I grew up there, left when I was 21. I continued to come back to visit York until my Mother passed away in 1994.

“Our next door neighbor, Wilbur Grim, was the Manager/Barber of the Mens’ side.  I got my haircuts there when I was a kid.

“I remember it being  much more elegant with polished brass etc., vs what’s left of the place as shown in that picture.  I think it even had brass spittoons… .

“But, maybe I have it mixed up with the Yorktowne… . I’ve not been in either for many years.”

Glad this blog is allowing Tom to keep up with his hometown. Hope he can make it back home sometime.

Stetler sentencing:
This ydr.com video tell’s the story of former state Revenue Secretary Steve Stetler of York at the time of his sentencing after he was convicted for pubic corruption. For more, see: Stetler to report to prison on Oct. 10.

Borders passes away: Joanne Borders, longtime community advocated, died this week. See coverage of her life and death.

Fall foliage: This map allows you to post your favorite places to view York County’s fall foliage.

From the archives:
Historic Stewartstown Railroad heading to the auction block? Stewartstown Railroad’s fate still uncertain. When reading about this group and those Ma & Pa’s Muddy Creek Forks restoration efforts, I always marvel at the commitment of rail buffs, who spend every weekend working on the railroad.

Forum of the day:
Farmers Market, the covered market house west of the Codorus, is getting a new market master. Have you been to this rustic market recently? Did you enjoy your visit? Please comment below.

This scene, courtesy of a Veterans Memorial Bridge booklet, looking east, from Wrightsville in 1930. Notice Chickies Rock, the landmark  at the top, left part of this photograph. Mel Miller of the West Manchester Township Historical Society provided this booklet.

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