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Dritt Mansion, 4 other York County historic places tagged as authentic heritage sites

The John and Kathryn Zimmerman Center for Heritage at Historic Pleasant Garden has been placed on York County Network of Heritage Sites.The National Register of Historic Places property is located about 3.5 miles south of Wrightsville at Long Level and is now owned by the Susquehanna Gateway Heritage Area. York County resident Dianne Bowders posted this photograph on the Your Photos section of ydr.com. Also of interest: Where exactly is the York/Lancaster border? and Native Americans help clean up Dritt family cemetery in new York County park and Gettysburg-area National Register homestead gives snapshot of pressures facing farms.

York County boasts of countless historic places, but not all are “authentic.”
The York County Planning Commission recently certified the authenticity of five heritage sites, making them part of a longer list called the “York County Network of Heritage Sites.”
According to a planning commission brochure, York County Heritage, is a county-wide network of heritage resources – natural, cultural and historic – that are officially
designated by that county agency.
The program focuses on Heritage Sites – historic places museums, learning centers, nature centers, natural areas – places that focus on educating residents and visitors about local heritage.

Here are the newly recognized sites:

The Civil War Bridge Piers, located in Wrightsville Borough (York County) and West Hempfield Township and Columbia Borough (Lancaster County). This bridge once connected York and Lancaster Counties north of the Route 462 Bridge. On June 28, 1863, the Confederate soldiers were advancing toward York. The bridge was burned, preventing the Confederates from crossing the River. This is viewed as a strategic act of major importance in the Civil War.
The John and Kathryn Zimmerman Center for Heritage at Historic Pleasant Garden, located in Lower Windsor Township. This 18th century home was renovated and restored by the Zimmerman’s. It serves as the headquarters for the Susquehanna Gateway Heritage Region and houses the Visions of the Susquehanna River Art Collection. The structure and its site have gone by several names over the years, including Cresap’s Fort and Dritt Mansion.
The Police Heritage Museum, located in the City of York. The Museum is preserving over 250 of law enforcement history by showcasing artifacts and history of York County police departments and those from around the world.
The Wrightsville Lime Kilns, located in Wrightsville Borough. The Lime Kilns represent a long history of a successful limestone burning operation established by the Kerr family in 1848. The kilns are excellent examples of vertical limekilns and the site highlights the importance of lime in manufacturing and in our industrial history.
The York Farmers’ Market House, located in the City of York. Established in 1866, this is the first enclosed market house structure in York County. Purveyors of fresh local goods for almost 145 years, many of the vendors have been in the Market for generations.

For more information on the York County Network of Historic Sites, click here.