York Town Square

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‘The Commons’ plays host to wonderful vintage photos



This photograph by Marion Post Wolcott shows a York County auction of a house and its contents in 1939. It’s among a host of Library of Congress photographs available to the public, accessed through a developing public domain site. Background posts: Bank adds murals to York County’s walls, and Fed photogs captured wonderful WWII images.


The popular Web site Flickr has provided an area for vintage photographs called The Commons.
Flickr and the Library of Congress are working on a project to promote LOC photographs for public use… .

The photographs appear to have few, if any, restrictions in their use.
Anyway, photo sites are popular destinations for history enthusiasts, including this blog’s For photo fans category on this site.
So, we’ll point them out as we find them.
And, here’s another local scene:

auction1Mennonite farmer brings tobacco into a barn in York County, 1939. The exact location is unknown. Here are other FSA photos in this series.