York Town Square

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Rutter’s store offers snapshot of change in York County

A provocative mark of change in York County surrounds the Rutter’s convenience store on Lightner Road in Manchester Township.
That Rutter’s spread is on company land, originally settled by Jacob Rutter and Nathaniel Lightner in 1747.
On the hill behind the store, several sprawling homes have served as the residences of family members… .

So, not only did Rutter’s give up some of its historic farm for store usage but also part of the yards of its founding families.
Is it relenting to sprawl? Or is it the company’s attempt to remain competitive against the likes of Sheetz, Wawa and other competitors?
Over the years, Rutter’s has tenaciously held onto its turf against powerful competition. In this case, they’ve protected their turf by building on it.
At any rate, that Lightner Road store provides an interesting snapshot of change in York County.
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