York Town Square

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French toast again tasty in York County

Shivers from a chilled audience at the unveiling of a statue of the Marquis de Lafayette in York last week might have overshadowed insightful comments from France’s consul general.
Jean-Pierre Allex spoke of the generations-long interplay between France and America building on a foundation between best friends Lafayette and George Washington.
That relationship included French support in the American Revolution and delivery of the Statue of Liberty. America reciprocated by sacrificing thousands of lives on French soil during two world wars. (This included the deaths of maybe 200 fighting men from York County.)
But, almost in passing, the diplomat made a powerful point… .

America and France have never been at war.
Throw away that freedom fries label and gobble up that french toast.
And then he concluded with another easily overlooked point. This year will be the 250th anniversary of Lafayette’s birth.
York is the first city to observe what will be a year-long commemoration of this anniversary – anywhere.