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Edgecombe Mansion, courtesy of A.B. Farquhar: Linked in with neat York County, Pa., history stuff – March 25, 2010

A.B. Farquhar’s home

York County, Pa., industrialist A.B. Farquhar’s estate, Edgecombe, in the hills south of York, is shown in 1893. A golf course, which became the Country Club of York and then the Out Door County Club, later covered the fields in this vicinity. Today, York College covers that land. Farquhar’s hilltop mansion, built in 1875, was later demolished. The entrance gate to the old estate exists today joining Country Club Road. Farquhar Drive leads to, well, Farquhar Estates development. This photograph came from the “Art Work of York,” W.H. Parish Publishing Co., 1893. (See additional photo from that work below.)York, Pa.: America’s first capital of golf? and Bucolic Outdoor Country Club started in busy York neighborhood and All A.B. Farquhar posts from the start.

A mixed bag of neat stuff … .
An on-again, off-again visitor to York recently availed himself of a long-savored treat – the whoopie pie.
“Say, as a historian, do you happen to know why the Whoopie Pie is essentially only found in Maine (my home state) and near Amish country in Pa.?” he wrote. “Surely, many readers are dying to know that.” …

I’m don’t know the answer, but if you do, comment below. Or if you have any comments about the whoopie pie – that Pennsylvania Dutch delicacy, or is a Pine Tree State delight? – share your thoughts as well.
Follow to a recent post: Mike Inkrote also remembers a time capsule buried at Smith Middle School. His e-mail: “I am a ’81 grad of York High and would have been in 7th or 8th grade at Smith Middle School in 1976. I also remember burying a time capsule with papers we wrote. I’m not sure what else was put in. If I remember, the whole grade or maybe even the whole school was brought outside for this ceremony. I kind of remember it being near the entrance of the school by a tree but maybe it was at the goal posts.”
Link of the day: York County’s factory tours are profiled on the Baltimore Sun’s Web site: The factory tour: York County, Pa., offers more than 15 free tours of a variety of manufacturers.
Blog post of the day: On Scott Mingus’ Cannonball: Former York PA resident accidentally killed himself after the Battle of Gettysburg.
Forum of the day, The Exchange: Viewers are having fun with: Where does Cape Horn, as in road, come from?
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All York Town Square posts from the start.
Photo courtesy of Beth Reinhold’s and Terry Zellers’ collection.

West King Street in the 1890s.