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Can you ID this mystery church? Linked in with neat York County, Pa., history stuff – March 22, 2010

Littlestown, Pa., church?

E-mailer Lisanne Renner is seeking information on this church, perhaps taken sometime between 1908 and 1917 by a Littlestown resident who worked throughout the region on construction jobs. So the building could be just about anywhere in this region. The church could still be standing, she said. If anyone has knowledge please contact Lisanne at gracerenner@verizon.net. (See nearly completed building photo below.) Also of interest: All God and York/Adams posts from the start and Conewago Chapel steeple worker wondered if he’d ever get up there: Now, ‘Here I am’ and Two York County union churches vestiges of bygone era.

A mixed bag of neat stuff … .

Yorkblogger Joan Concilio is asking an intriguing question over at Only York.
How did Cape Horn Road – best-known as it intersects with Lombard Street outside Red Lion – get it’s name?

Here’s a guess, and only a guess:

The road really does go “around the horn.”
Look at it on the map. It stays on a ridge around Ore Valley et al. rather than heading in toward York. It’s like going around South America – Cape Horn – before the Panama Canal was built. Drive that road, and it seems you’re on there forever, and it will never take you directly to York.
OK, what do you think? (Comment below.)
York in the news: See the Christian Science Monitor story: An American Town Talks about War.
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