York Town Square

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Historical marker may soon point to Jefferson square’s famous visitors

When some people think about the southwestern York County borough of Jefferson, they think Jefferson Hillclimb. Codorus Valley Area Historical Society is seeking a historical marker to tout that region’s history, too. Here, a cycle tries to scale the 300-foot hill just outside Jefferson in Codorus Township. Background posts: War memorial stand proudly in towns throughout York County, Driver invades Jefferson’s quiet square and Tragedy hits York County family – again

Elijah White’s Comanches rode through Jefferson’s square in June 1863. This mounted force was bound for the communication and rail center of Hanover Junction.
Then came Jeb Stuart’s 4,500 horsemen, with a 125-wagon train in tow, in quest of their commander Robert E. Lee.
Some time after they had cleared the square, Union General David M. Gregg’s blue cavalrymen came through, headed toward Gettysburg.
In November of that year, Abraham Lincoln rode via Hanover Branch Railroad train through town, just north of the square. He was on his way to and from Gettysburg where he delivered his celebrated address… .

To remember these visitors, the leaders of this southwestern York County borough have filed paperwork for a historical monument, which they’re calling the “Invasion of Jefferson” marker.
The Codorus Valley Chronicles, the Codorus Valley Area Historical Society’s newsletter, says the community hopes to have it in place by June 2009.
That square is also significant in two other ways.
It is one of two in York County towns that navigate traffic around a central park. (The other is Goldsboro. Remember that Abbottstown and New Oxford are in Adams County.)
And that park surrounded by the circling roads? It might be the only one in York County that celebrates World War I. The park contains a World War I fieldpiece (cannon) and large statue.
In addition to all that history, the grassy park makes Jefferson’s square one of the most attractive in York County.