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Bury’s burgers: A significant piece of York Countyana


This York Daily Record Facebook post drew all kinds of comments, like and shares from readers. Feel free to join in by clicking on the links. Also of interest: Bury’s burgers: ‘You won’t get that recipe’.

On Memorial Day just passed and other holidays, many homes around York County feature red sauce-slathered hamburgers modeled after those served in Joe Bury’s  local chain of restaurants of the 1980s and decades before.

I usually share a recipe published in the York Sunday News 15 years ago. That usually brings social media comments from some that it produces burgers exactly like Joe’s. And others say the recipe, carefully guarded by family members and former employees, is not like Joe’s.

What I know is that it produces a special eating experience.

The comment I like best comes from folks who have never heard of Bury’s. The FB and blog posts help in that discovery of this significant piece of York Countyana. Such memories help shape and maintain community.

Appreciated, too, are comments that come to my blog post like this from Dennis Bender:

“I remember the Burys in East York near the old airport (across from the old York Mall). My mouth waters when I think of the days walking up to the window and ordering 2 Burys “cooked in that sauce” burgers. Thanks for the memories Joe Bury and family.”

Also of interest:

Joe Bury’s Famous Hamburgers are sold via trailer at the York Fair and various events. Follow its whereabout via this Facebook Page and Twitter. Recently, the Bury’s trailer was at Foodstruck in York.

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