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Attention! 150th anniversary of Civil War approaches

Let the countdown begin.
An Associated Press story tells about the approach the 150th anniverary of the start of the Civil War.
That’s assuming one figures the war actually began with John Brown’s 1859 raid on Harpers Ferry. For those who prefer Fort Sumter, the 150th of that bombardment is only four years away.
The AP story shows how folks today are partaking of Civil War sites, complete with wine tastings, plantation house tours and Shakespeare plays.
The target group is “new seniors,” Baby Boomers who won’t go to Branson, Mo., via bus. …

“They say, ‘I want education, I want to keep living, I want to keep learning, I want to keep my mind alive,’ ” one tour operator stated. “All that will absolutely explode as we approach the 150th.”
If this means more people will focus on history, who can complain? Let’s hope interest multiplies to the 150th power.
But one can’t help thinking if touristy add-ons to Civil War battlefields tours detract from participants’ understanding of the sacrifices made by those in uniform.