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Emigsville’s Web site tells tales of community’s past

Emigsville.org is a site full of community happenings and historic information. Maps of now-sealed-off caves in that vicinity are typical of the site’s contents.
The recent post about Emigsville’s May’s Oak reminds me what a super community Web site that Manchester Township village is supporting.
If you haven’t seen it, check it out, particularly the story nights, in which veteran members of the community tell about the past.
The site’s history section is also interesting. That section has wonderful old photos including several, from the Manchester Township Historical Society, below:

Emigsville’s old post office building measured only 10-feet by 7-feet.
This view looks north entering Emigsville. Trolley cars ran through Emigsville during the heyday of the system, which ended in 1939. The Northern Central Railroad also ran through the community, giving residents easy access to points in all directions.