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Web site inventories York County, state, national grist mills

Longtime Cross Mill operator Harry Cross is seen in this file photo in the York Daily Record/Sunday News archives. Cross transferred ownership of the mill to York County in 1979. (See photo of the mill-turned-museum below.) Background posts: Philip King house jewel of old York paper mill site and Felton landmark: ‘The mill at one time was gossip central’ and Glen Rock Mill Inn: ‘They are happy to see it open again’.

York County history enthusiasts Ray Kinard and Terry Koller have embarked on the project of visiting York County grist mills.
So far, they’ve visited dozens.
The gold standard for studying York County mills is the massive work of Grant Voaden, an inventory of 300 mills found in the York County Heritage Trust archives.
Kinard has a copy of a Voaden inventory, but the document does not have the precise location of the mills.
That would aid the K-Team’s tramping… .

Dennis Young, a southeastern York County resident, reads an exhibit in Cross Mill’s upper floor.

But the mill watcher pointed out another resource for those on the trail of these early York County agri-businesses.
Millpictures.com shows photos with brief descriptions of 51 York County mills.
For example, the site notes that George Sheffer built Detters Mill, on the Conewago Creek west of Dover, was built in 1830. It was rebuilt in 1912. The site indicates that its current use as an apartment house suggests the mill will remain standing.
And Kinard and Koller like the site for another reason.
Directions to the mills are included with entries.
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