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Where York County Quakers meet: Linked in with neat history stuff: May 15, 2010

The outside of York, Pa.’s, Quaker Meeting House hasn’t change much since this photo was taken in the 1890s. The East Philadelphia Street building still invites a visit, 244 years after its eastern part was constructed. The west room dates to 1783. This photo comes from “Art Work of York,” W.H. Parish Publishing Co. The view of the building’s inside is equally engaging. Also of interest: Quaker horticulturalist Jonathan Jessop was 19th-century York County Renaissance man and Society of Friends Gladys Rawlins, ‘Black History Profiles’ and Intrepid Adams researcher: ‘The buildings weren’t the Underground Railroad; the people were’.

A mixed bag of neat stuff … .
The Exchange, the York Daily Record/Sunday News bulletin board, tipped off York Town Square to a long-ago article in Time magazine about York County, Pa.’s defense industry buildup well before Pearl Harbor.
As usual from media parachuting into York, the writer came up with a descriptive term for the city.
Here’s how that article began: … .

MANUFACTURING: War News. The Dec. 11, 1939, article begins: “Last week the little red-brick city of York, Pa. (pop. 55,254) tingled with anticipation of Christmas.” For other names attributed to York over the years visit: York, Pa.: No ‘rustbelt town on the banks of the Susquehanna’.
Recommended upcoming event: What would you do if the machines filling the Agricultural & Industrial Museum suddenly roared to life and began sharing their stories as you strolled through the galleries? A York County Heritage Trust news release poses that questions and then gives details about such an opportunity: Daylong “If Machines Could Talk” event, at 10 a.m., Saturday, May 22.
Blog post of the week: Yorkblogger Scott Mingus has studied the damages wrote by invading Confederations in 1863. Visit Cannonball blog’s : York County Civil War Border Claims Database now on-line at YCHT.
Forum post of the week, The Exchange: For a handlebar tour of York County’s rail trails, visit: Railtrailing (all 410 posts on that popular topic.)
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Photo courtesy of Beth Reinhold’s and Terry Zellers’ collection.