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John Kuhn: From Dover, Pa., to Green Bay, Wis. – Linked in with neat York County history stuff – Jan. 22, 2011

Dover, Pa.’s, John Kuhn will play for the Green Bay Packers against the Chicago Bears Sunday for the NFC championship title. He went from Dover to Shippensburg to the Steelers and now has become a fan favorite in Green Bay. He is one of the most accomplished athletes ever to come out of York County. This poster, which ran in Tuesday’s York, Pa., Daily Record, is for sale as a glossy print. Also of interest: See John Kuhn at Shippensburg in this post: Which high school sports mascot is most popular in southcentral Pa.? and Dover’s/Packers’ John Kuhn: ‘He is able to grasp things very quickly’ and York County has produced several star NFL players.
Neat stuff from all over … .
John Wilkes Booth, slayer of Abraham Lincoln, has several ties, however tenuous, to York County,
He went to school here for a brief period. He asked York County native Ned Spangler to hold his horse when he went into Ford’s Theatre to commit his deadly act.
And he is a native of Belair, Md., just a few miles south of the Mason-Dixon Line that forms York County’s southern border.
There’s been a long controversy about whether he escaped capture after a massive manhunt that history says left him dead.
That will be tested, according to Washington Post blogger Linda Wheeler… .

Her Dec. 24 blog post began:

For decades the story has circulated that President Lincoln’s assassin John Wilkes Booth escaped capture and lived for many more years under an assumed name. No one was able to prove it either way and so the story has had a long life.
Now an answer may be in the offing. Descendants of Booth have agreed to have his brother Edwin’s body exhumed from its grave in a Cambridge, Mass., cemetery. Then a DNA comparison can be made with a bone specimen of the man widely believed to be John Wilkes Booth who was killed as he hid in a rural Virginia tobacco barn following the assassination.

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This will bring back memories. The Del-Chords, the 1960s band from York County, on YouTube.
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