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York County, Pa., ‘Remember’ series: A story about a butcher named Butch

There was a time in the early to mid-20th century when four butcher shops operated in Windsor borough in southeastern York County. Windsor resident Nelson Glatfelter, one of those butchers, used this truck to deliver meat to his customers. (See a video on the day of the butcher below.) Also of interest: Woodstock memories part of ‘Remember’ oral history series and The milkman from Stewartstown muses about delivering standing up: ‘I don’t know how I drove’ and York County ‘Remember’ series: In Korean War era, ‘Everyone knew the American singer Kate Smith’.

Still on the topic of home deliveries.
The milkman has ended his house calls, except in certain places in western York County.
Doctors stick to offices and hospitals.
And butchers, well, they made door-to-door deliveries, too.
Margaret Boner of Seven Valleys provided her memories of those days at part of the York Daily Record/Sunday News’ “Remember” series profiling butcher shops.
A butcher named “Butch” would come by her house every week in a truck.
Here’s her account in this topic coordinated and written by the YDR’s Leigh Zaleski: … .

York Daily Record/Sunday News journalist Leigh Zaleski produced this video.

“I think he actually had a shop . . . off Sherman Street, but I don’t remember his real name. I just remember running out to the truck when he would come with my mother and brother and sister, and looking at all the meat and smelling the meat. The whole truck smelled like meat. My mother would buy her meat from him. This was back in the ’50s, maybe late ’40s. It was just a lot of fun. He was always so friendly. I just remember running out to his truck and jumping on. The doors were always open.”

Come to think of it, there’s one remaining visitor from the private sector making house calls.
Those delivering the newspaper.
That’s not likely to change for a while.
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