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Maybe Central Market’s food court could replace Borders as the York-area’s premier third place

Central Market’s food court serves as a gathering place on market days in York, Pa. Perhaps this expanded area could serve as an evening gathering spot, as well. Also of interest: York’s western gate: One image says so much and Steps of old York City Market mark its former location and York’s Penn Street Farmers Market, nearing 150 years old, seeks to replant for new customers
For many years, the roomy Central Market served as a convention center, accommodating thousands of attendees.
With the prospective closing of Borders, an opportunity awaits the market to become a gathering place of a different type.
The expanded food court in York’s venerable market house could serve as a gathering place in the evenings as well.
If no buyer comes forward to renew Borders’ life, the York area is in need of a large third-place, or spot for folks to gather when not at work or at home. … .

For years, Borders served that role offering individuals a place to sip coffee and read and small book and study groups to meet.
Students often met there to study and converse.
Salespeople would work from there, and execs would sit down to go over the events of that day and plans for the next. Such businessmen formerly used hotel lobbies and private clubs to do that. The Lafayette Club was well-known for that.
But Borders offered a friendly and accessible alcohol-free third place.
But possibly no more.
But the Central Market’s food court area could.
It has wireless internet service. Night and weekend gatherings would provide opportunities for the food court’s coffee bar and restaurants.
It would be possible to cordon off the food court so it would be open until 10 or 11 p.m.
The only thing lacking is air conditioning and the books and magazines. The latter can be solved by bringing your own reading material.
But the main point is that it would bring people downtown, allowing many to experience its rebirth.
And it would fill the vacuum for a community third place – a possible diverse community – that will evaporate when Borders closes.
If the market can accommodate thousands, it can accommodate hundreds.
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