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Former Manchester-area resident seeking photos of Elm Beach, other trolley-related sites

Elm Beach, destination for thousands of York County, Pa., sunbathers along the Conewago Creek each summer in the first decades of the 20th century, was located in this vicinity. When the trolley quit running in the 1930s, that cut off easy transportation to the swimming hole. Later public swimming in the Manchester/Mount Wolf area moved to the now-closed Meadowbrook Pool. This view is looking north at a site just east of the old trolley pier. Also of interest: Part of Conewago Creek’s Elm Beach still visible and Big Conewago serves as physical, symbolic divider of York County culture and Growing off-peak trolley ridership in York County: Build a park.

Michael A. Damon is in the hunt for old photos of the Elm Beach area and other points around Manchester.
The house he grew up in was, he believes, a summer home in the region. It sits near where North George Street crosses the Conewago Creek.
The Huntsville, Ala., resident wrote: … .

“I remember in high school a student brought in some photos showing our house and others in the area. They probably dated from the teens or 20’s. Unfortunately at the time I didn’t have an appreciation of what he had. Anyway, my father … and I have become big genealogy buffs and would love to find some old photos of Manchester and in particular the Elm Beach area and the trolleys.”

I remember seeing photos of Cold Springs Park, the trolley park across the creek from Elm Beach, at Mount Wolf’s 100th anniversary this summer.
But nothing about Elm Beach.
I checked out that part of Conewago Creek a couple times in the past 12 months.
One time, I spotted a piece of the concrete slab still extending into the creek. But more recently, I couldn’t locate it.
At a presentation in Emigsville, I ran into the family that lives in the old Elm Beach house, and they said there are still showers in the basement formerly used by sun bathers.
Michael asked if I knew of an individual or group who would have a good collection of old photos of Elm Beach. If you have any, contact him or comment below.
Meanwhile, I sent him links to posts I’ve done on Elm Beach or Cold Springs Park:
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