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Druck Valley, Glades area offers beautiful scenery for Sunday afternoon drive

Earlier this year, native York countian Judy Druck Routson released a book on her family. The Drucks were early on the scene in York County, Pa. Springettsbury Township’s Druck Valley borrows its named from the family. Background posts: York County villages bear memorable names and About phone pole playground at Rocky Ridge: ‘Children’s heads got caught in between the logs’ and Long Level and Pleasureville fielded bands?.

When you think about Druck Valley, you think of Rock Ridge County Park.
And when you think about Rocky Ridge, you think of the nearby region colorfully known as “The Glades.”
More on that region in a second.
First, what of the settlers in that part of present-day Springettsbury Township?

Judy Druck Routson has written about them in her “The George Druck Family Chronicle, 1741-2008” released earlier this year.
A York Daily Record/Sunday News story says this family history links the Druck family’s life stories with the history of York County.
Her book also includes the names Beecher, Billet, Burger, Dunnick, Emenheiser, Klein, Kunkel, Lehman, Mitzel, Sechrist, Seiple, Shaffer, Sipe, Strong and Wambaugh, among others.
The author grew up in York Township and is a 1959 graduate of Dallastown Area High School. She has been a writer for a central New York weekly newspaper since 1993.
For more about her book, go to http://judyroutson.wordpress.com/.
But back to the Glades.
Springettsbury Township’s 1991 centennial book makes the following points about the village, formerly known as Detrop.

“It is situated along the road to Vinegar Ferry, east of Mt. Zion Road, and northeast of York. The name Glades was given to the village about 1800 by travelers going from York to the river because it was an open passage or space in what was then a forest for miles around.”

The earliest Druck family members chose a beautiful part of York County to live and work in, perfect today for a Sunday afternoon drive.