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Manchester, Pa.’s Conewago Inn: ‘In fact, it’s a difficult place to beat’

H.A. Stiles tries to woo customers to the Conewago Inn in this undated advertisement. The Inn operates today at the same spot, just north of the Conewago Creek outside Manchester, mostly as a dining venue. (See additional photos below.) Also of interest: Conewago crossing near Manchester hot spot for years – Part I and Conewago crossing – Part II and Conewago crossing – Part III.
York countian Bonnie Sharp brought in this undated sales flier for the Conewago Inn, along with two other photos.
In the first half of the 20th century, the inn received business from picnickers and swimmers at nearby Cold Springs Park and Elm Beach.

It’s the remaining attraction in that area from a day when the banks of the Conewago were mobbed with excursionists… .

Bonnie Sharp noted the the telephone number, 24-R-6, and other quaint features that the flier touts.
“It’s just interesting, I thought,” she said.
The Conewago Inn fills stomachs today at the same location, between Manchester and York Haven.
One of the longtime specialties attached to the inn?
Turtle soup.
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The old highway bridge, right, sits near the Conewago Inn in this undated photograph. The bridge, replaced by a modern span, still crosses the Conewago Creek today, though unused.

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Cars line up outside the Conewago Inn.