York Town Square

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All’s Fair blog gives all kinds of insight about York Fair

This promotional poster shows the types of events at the top of the York Fair’s promotional list in 1928. Background posts: ‘The lower she sank in the chair’, Old-time York bike shop: ‘It’s like a store that time forgot’ and Can anyone locate this ballpark?.

All’s Fair, a blog made up of York Daily Record/Sunday News staff postings, is an example of local blogging tied to York County and international events.
The O-Zone was another blog where staffers explored the Olympics.
York Town Square readers will find – an enjoy – a number of York Fair-history related posts, with links back to this blog: … .

Good old York Fair days were at least old.
York Fair important to black community’s past.
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The York Fair burger that that brings back memories.
A birds-eye view of the York Fairgrounds.
Is York Fair America’s first?
JFK received grand applause at the York Fair.
19th-century York Fairgrounds scene of grand reviews, death.