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100th anniversary of drunken Pleasureville brawl, Part I

Nothing had happened like that in Pleasureville before or since.
It was 100 years ago when two brothers were shot in the Springettsbury Township village.
William E. and Curvin Hoover were wounded about midnight in what was described as a drunken brawl on a Saturday in November 1907.
For six hours, they lay alive, “weltering” in their own blood, according to a newspaper account reported in “Never to be Forgotten.”
That occurred, even though some villagers witnessed the shooting… .

“The latter fact is not surprising when it is stated that midnight brawling and shooting on the streets of Pleasureville are a common thing and nobody pays much attention to them,” a newspaper reported.
The boys died later on Sunday. Prosecutors charged Oscar Hoover, 18; Lester Kauffman, 17; and Henry Snyder, 22, with the homicides.
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