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Dorkin’ in York box set features Kevin Jones

Despite a resume that would consume a ream of paper, York native Ernest Lefever does not make Wikipedia’s best-of-york list.
Wikipedia gives a list of 74 people from York with enough world-wide contributions to make the team.
Obviously, the list has some holes.
I recognized – and have written – about many of those listed.
But I didn’t recall at least one name – Kevin Jones, BMX rider – a freestyle BMX rider… .

The Wiki entry says that he was raised in York and his riding is featured in the popular Dorkin’ in York videos now offered as a box set:

Around this time (late 1980s), the now-film maker Eaton would release the first of a series of freestyle BMX videos named Dorkin’ In York. The Dorkin’ videos, as they would become known as, captured equal parts of flatland, ramps, and street riding. The series would continue on for years to come, showcasing the latest tricks from Jones and the rest of the Plywood Hoods, as well as coverage from major contests and some more private jams and practice sessions. Eaton recently released the entire series in a DVD boxset titled Dorkin’ in York – The Complete DVD Collection.

Jones even appeared on national TV in 1990, endorsing Kudos granola bars.

Well, kudos to forever York countian Kevin Jones.