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Saubel's grocery started in this stately building, now occupied by Heidi's House, antiques and gifts.

Hametown-born Saubel’s Markets serves community during COVID-19

Saubel’s Markets started as a Community Pure store in the village of Hametown.

It has grown to cover a small group of four markets, with headquarters in Shrewsbury, just down the Susquehanna Trail from Hametown.

COVID-19 has the third-generation owner of Saubel’s, Greg Saubel joined by his wife Betti, working day and night to fulfill the needs of his community.

The YDR’s Frank Bodani took an in-depth look Saubel’s owners and employees working amid this crisis: How family, friends fuel Saubel’s Markets during the coronavirus crisis.

Here’s bit of history about Saubels from Greg about his grandfather, Claude:

“Claude Saubel was a tool and dye maker, working at the naval yard in Washington, D.C., when he took a leave of absence to help his father-in-law who was experiencing some health issues.  Upon his father-in-laws death, Claude quit his job at the naval yard to remain in Hametown and help run the store.  In 1926, Claude’s mother-in-law passed away, and he and his wife took over operations of the family business. The store operated as a Community Pure Foods store, which was supplied by P.A. & S. Small Company of York, PA.  Many unusual but necessary items were sold from this location, including dynamite, wire fencing, plow shares, hardware, clothing, shoes, and more.  Groceries were sold here as well, and home delivery was a big part of the operation.”

Greg and Betti Saubel set up a display of hand sanitizer in Saubel’s Shrewsbury store.

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