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Cumberland County reseacher seeks info on Emigsville’s American Acme-built fire engine

The firefighting rig, left, is manufactured by the American Acme Co. of Emigsville, Manchester Township in York County, Pa. The rig, right, on display in a Monroe Township, Cumberland County, fire station is nearly identical, the only exception being the wheels. Author Randy Watts is looking for information on the rigs, and American Acme, their manufacturer. Watts also pointed to the shape of the arms holding the brake handles, the curved metal brackets that hold the pivot point for the brake arms, the metal brake arms and the yolk over top of the pump assembly. Also of interest: Antique device in Dover: ‘ Problem is, no one knows what it is’ and The Acme Tongue Carrier of Hanover, Pa.: Are there any around today? and Torpedo, bomb loader, made in York, Pa., turns up in Tennessee museum.
Randy Watts is researching a book on the Union Fire Company of Carlisle, in Cumberland County, York County’s neighbor to the northwest.
Specifically, he’s looking for information on a hand engine, one in Monroe Township (Churchtown), Cumberland County, identical to a unit owned by the Union Fire Company in Manchester, York County:
He wrote:

“The history of the Manchester rig says it was made by the American Acme Company of Emigsville, York County. From what I can determine the American Acme Company was a merger between the Acme Wagon Company of Emigsville and American Manufacturing in the early 1900’s. The Manchester rig is attributed to 1858 and the rig at Monroe is dated 1847 by lettering on the rig so the recollections of the folks who wrote the history on the fire company web site may not be accurate.”

He’s asking for information about fire apparatus by Emigsville’s American Acme.
I pointed him to the usual sources: the York County Heritage Trust, particularly its fire museum and Historic York Inc. I also suggested he put out a query on emigsville.org, the Web site for an active historical group in that village.
Any other information out there that would be helpful to Randy?
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