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You maybe didn’t know it but … they’re from York County – Part II

Chris Daughtry performs with Live’s front man and York County native Ed Kowalczyk, right, on the ‘American Idol’ stage in 2006. It is well known that Live band leader Kowalczyk is from York. But the roots of other local folks performing on the national stage – or who did so in the past – aren’t as well publicized. Background posts: Wiki profiles eight with national status bearing Hanover roots and Dorkin’ in York box set features Kevin Jones and TV show box set ‘Terry & the Pirates’ to be part of a museum exhibit someday?.
An occasional visit to Wikipedia’s list of famous people from York County always brings forth previously unknown connections to this region.
At least, usually unknown to me.
Here’s a sampling of other people on the Wiki with York County links whose local connections might surprise and intrigue:

John Whitmer – “John Whitmer (1802-1878) was an early leader in the Latter Day Saint movement. He was one of the Eight Witnesses of the Book of Mormon’s Golden Plates. He was also the first official Church Historian and a member of the presidency of the church in Missouri …”
Timothy McKernan – “Timothy McKernan (born July 29, 1989 in York, Pennsylvania) is an American ice dancer. With partner Shannon Wingle, he is the 2009 U.S. junior pewter medalist… .”
James A. Long – “James A. Long (* 27 August 1898 in York, Pennsylvania, USA; † 19 July 1971 in California, USA) was a theosophist and president of the Theosophical Society Pasadena… .”
Heinie Heltzel – “William Wade “Heinie” Heltzel (December 21, 1913 – May 1, 1998) was an American third baseman in Major League Baseball who was born and died in York, Pennsylvania.”
Adam Flash – “Douglas Adam Becker (born on October 22, 1971) is an is an American professional wrestler who currently works for Maryland Championship Wrestling, Adam Flash worked four shows for Extreme Championship Wrestling, including a match against Terry Brunk… “

Ok, the last one was just fun and illustrates that the threshold is not high to get on Wikipedia and the information may or may not be right on.
But it’s still interesting how the county connects with the rest of the world.
One last point:
Since the last post on local Wiki notables, it’s also notable that the names of several local politicians now appear – Mike Waugh and Stan Saylor, for example.