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York County barn collapses fairly rare – Linked in with neat history stuff – Aug. 1, 2011

The Amish are entering York County in ever increasing numbers, gravitating to farms in southeastern York County. Here, the loft floor of a barn on the property of one Amish family in Lower Chanceford Township collapsed while people were loading hay bales into the loft last week. Nine cows were killed. York County has many barn fires, but barn collapses are fairly rare. So, it made the news. Also of interest: Amishman: ‘We are making a commitment to forgive’ and Background posts: Who was Norman Wood (of bridge fame)?, Horse, buggy, one-room school make county comeback

Neat stuff from all over … .

Remember the Avalong Restaurant?:
This October, the title Avalong returns to York.
Eric Bradley Long, grandson of D. Clyde Long, the person behind the popular Avalong Dairy Bar, Restaurant and Driving Range, is introducing a local theater group by that name.
“In this incarnation, Avalong Playhouse will serve a finely crafted menu of plays and musicals that are guaranteed to satisfy this community’s hunger for fantastic theatre at affordable prices,” a new release states. For details: avalongplayhouse.org… .

The Dell: News of the Shady Dell interests yorktownsquare.com readers. So, here’s a Mike Argento column telling the story of the property of this former south York hangout. Interesting stuff.
Unknown soldier: A reader wondered by the tombstone near the Susquehanna River north of Wrightsville has June 1863 on it. The Battle of Gettysburg was in July.
Here’s my response: I’m thinking because that unknown soldier probably died during Gordon’s raid to the Susquehanna. He was in Wrightsville on June 28-29, and that soldier was probably one of his minions – or at least one could speculate that. Putting it another way, there were few – if any- Confederate soldiers on the banks of the Susquehanna – dead or alive – in July 1863. Gordon/Early’s guys had countermarched, of course, to Gettysburg by then.
Forum of the day: Exchangers are discussing the poor conditions of bridges across Pennsylvania.

This video of Kasey Kahne’s accident at William Grove Speedway is the most-viewed in ydr.com’s history, nearing about 1 million views.

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