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Battle of New Orleans hero slides into York

This is the York Gazette’s report about Andrew Jackson’s February 1819 visit to the borough. (To see a list of other visits by presidents or presidental candidates, click here.) Background posts: Barbara Bush at Crispus Attucks: ‘It’s something they will remember the rest of their lives’ and Isabel Small led procession of women who made wreath for Abe Lincoln’s coffin and Bill Goodling: Jerry Ford might have been the most important president he served with.

Many U.S. presidents or hopefuls came to York via train.
But Andrew Jackson arrived in a sleigh.
In 1819, before his presidential years, the noted general made a hurried visit to York before landing in Lancaster.
But while in York, he complained about an overcharge sustained on his way to that borough… .

Jackson had lost his temper when informed he owed $50 to Cornelius Garrettson for conveying him from the Shrewsbury area to York in a sled.
Jackson countered with $30, which Garrettson accepted.
Still, Jackson received a warm reception in York from residents seeking a glimpse of the hero of the Battle of New Orleans.
“The general we are told is a man of remarkably plain and easy manners, and that those who went to see him were much pleased with his frank and open manner in which they were received by him,” The York Gazette reported.
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