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York County Heritage Trust Archives extends offerings to research family tree

The York County Heritage Trust’s genealogy section offers a trove of information for those researching their families. Background posts: A researcher’s roll through the microfilm and For genealogists, researchers searching York County families, facts and York County genealogical research: An exhausting endeavor.

A subscription to the deep and helpful ancestry.com site demands a costly subscription not within the reach of everyone.
But those using the York County Heritage Trust Archives/Library can access it at no charge… .

Rodney Barnet traced his family’s genealogy back to the time of slavery. He has presented on researching family history at York County Heritage Trust-sponsored genealogical conferences.

That is, if you’re a member of the trust. Otherwise, admission to the library – and to ancestry.com – is $6 a day.
According to a trust press release, the ancestry.com subscription Web site gives researchers access to about 4,000 databases – U.S. census images and indexes; the map center with more than 1,000 historical maps; the American Genealogical Biographical Index with over 200 volumes; Daughters of the American Revolution Lineage with over 150 volumes.
The trust library has an expansive collection of primary sources. That includes church records, cemetery tombstone abstractions, and more. The ancestry.com service complements this vast collection.
“By delving into the past, one can learn nuances and stories about their family, such as an ancestor’s occupation, medical and military history,” the trust release states. “As the details fall into place, a personal link to the past is created, and one’s story comes alive.”
For other details about the library, click here.