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Skillet cornbread and homemade strawberry jam: In which Joan actually cooks something

When I shared some cornmeal mush and corn pone recipes earlier this year, I got motivated to pick up some yellow cornmeal while grocery-shopping.

Unfortunately, for some time after that, I wasn’t motivated to, you know, cook it into anything. It made a nice pantry decoration, but that was about it.

Enter the Food Network, specifically in the form of their monthly magazine. This month featured a recipe from Alex Guarnaschelli for skillet cornbread with strawberry jam, and when my 11-year-old daughter saw it, she said, “Ooh, I’d eat that.” And off we went to the kitchen to dig out the cornmeal!

Check out the recipe at It’s actually a little more complicated-sounding than most recipes I’d usually try, but it wasn’t hard at all and if I can cook it, anyone can. It tasted GREAT, too.

I meant to get a picture of it in our family’s old historic iron frying pan, but we dug into it too fast with Sunday night’s supper, and by the time the dust settled, the pan was washed and the cornbread was bagged. Instead, you’ll have to make due with this photo, which shows it as my bedtime snack Monday night.

Homemade cornbread

As you can guess, it was a terrible hardship to serve myself another piece in the interest of getting a good picture… The things I do for this blog!

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