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Note inside Christ Lutheran Church bookbook

Business memories from perhaps an unusual source: A cookbook

Christ Lutheran Church cookbook coverI received in the mail a while back a photocopy of the 1947 cookbook put out by Christ Lutheran Church of York, and my first thought was, “Wow, someone must be sending me a scrapple recipe.”

It turns out, though, that the sender, Deane McKercher of Jackson Township, was actually sending it to me not for the food therein, but for the businesses. As you can see below, interspersed through the recipes are “sponsorships” by various local businesses, making this a great snapshot of the retailers in business at the time of publication!

You can see the ad for Howe’s Dairy, 907 Roosevelt Ave., York. What were some of the other businesses included in the cookbook?

– R.E. Lehr (“Groceries – Delicatessen”), 801 E. Market St., York
– Target Shop (“Arms, Ammunition and Accessories for the Target Shooter and Sportsman”), 252 W. Jackson St., York
– Leinhardt Brothers (“The Friendly Store” – Furniture), 227-283 W. Market St., York
– Maydel (“Accessories for Gentlewomen” – Mabel Detwiler, proprietress), 259 W. Market St., York
– Charles H. Shaffner (Jewelers/Silversmiths/Watchmakers), 6 E. Market St., York
– Archie K. May (“The Jeweler – Where gems and gold are fairly sold”), 626 W. Market St., York
– T.H. Thatcher Food Store, 110 W. Main St., Windsor
– C.R. Minnich (“Distributor of Quality Radio and Sound Equipment”), 624 W. Market St., York
– Aug. H. Schaefer (“Florist”), 137 W. Market St., York (store) and 145 N. Albemarle St., York (greenhouse)
– Minnich’s Pharmacy (“L.E.F. Minnich, Ph.G. – Prescriptions – Surgical Appliances”), 501 W. Market St., York
– Emile Hat Shop (“Hattie G. Kessler, Prop.”), 23 W. King St., York
– Andrews Food Market, 901 W. Princess St., York
– Mickley’s (“Better Furs at lower prices”), 213 N. George St., York
– C.J. Helfrich (“Delicatessen”), 240 S. George St., York
– Arnold Dairy Products (“Milk – A good ingredient any time – James Sutcliffe, Prop.), no address given, but phone was “6636”
– Pomraning Motor Co. (“Gasoline – Fuel Oil – Greases – Motor Oil – Batteries – Tires), Red Lion
– R.W. Strickler Inc. (“Fruits – Vegetables – Sea Foods”), no address given
– Nu Bone Corset (“Mrs. William Fuller, District Organizer”), 101 E. Main St., Dallastown
– J.F. Biesecker & Sons Flour Mills (“For better pastries always use Bieseckers’ White Lily Flour – Ask your grocer”), Thomasville
– Pensupreme Ice Cream, no address given
– Einsig Nursing Home (“Post Operative and Chronic Patients – Female Only – Louise E. Einsig, R.N.”), 237 Pattison St., York
– Chas A. Schaefer Flower Shop (“Say it with Flowers”), 124 W. Market St., York
– Etzweiler Funeral Home, York, Wrightsville, Columbia
– Ridg-Way Restaurant (“When Your Recipe Fails, Eat At…”), 639 E. Market St., York
– Fluhrer’s Jewelry Store (“Sixty Three Years – Distributing the finest in Sterling Silver and Silver Plated Ware. Watches, Clocks, Standard makes. Jewelry of all kinds. Low prices – Repair work), 17 W. Market St., York
– C.F. Obermaier, no address given
– Ross Bell’s Meat Market (“If you like real good food – Something that has a special taste – try Ross Bell’s Chow Mein – Delicious Chinese Noodles – can be secured if ordered in advance”), 651 E. Market St., York
– Kiddy Town (“Layettes Infants’ and Children’s Wear”), 19 1/2 N. George St., York
– R.L. Geesey, Insurance, no address given
– Long Service Co. (“Eagle-Picher – Home Insulation – Aluminum Windows – Roofing – Siding”), 137 S. Pershing Ave., York
– Kauffman’s Art Shop (“The Art Shop of Quality – Fancy Pictures and Picture Framing a Specialty – Artist’s Supplies”), no address given
– John L. R. Schiding’s Yorktowne Service Store (“We Deliver”), 201 E. Cottage Place, York
– Bell’s (“York’s Smartest Ladies’ Shop – The Bell’s tradition has twenty years of leadership behind it! Fashions change, and change is the lifeblood of fashion … but after a generation of leadership, Bell’s policy of offering ‘the First Names of American Fashion’ remains the same. Thousands upon thousands of style-conscious York women have remained loyal customers of Bell’s down the years. The Bell’s label remains the hallmark of fashion ‘firsts’ in York.”), no address given

I am going to try to add all of these to our “stores and restaurants of the past” directory, and I’m curious if you remember any of these businesses, many of which had not been brought up before!

Bonus, if you’ve read this far: There was one business whose ad I did not mention. That’s because I’ve received so many comments about it, in reply to a previous commenter’s question, that it deserves its own post. Anyone want to guess what one?

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