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More junk-food favorites

Today’s post is an ode to my favorite sweet snack… ICE CREAM!

I couldn’t even begin to pick one local favorite. If I had to, it would extend slightly beyond York County’s borders to Mechanicsburg, the home of Rakestraw’s. Ohhhh, is that good.

Let’s see… where else for ice cream?

In York County, Sherry’s on Route 74 in Dover Township is my favorite, with Bill Mack’s, also on 74 in Dover Township, a possible second. When I’m in the mood for a really over-the-top treat, I head to Maggie Moo’s on East Market Street, across from Red Lobster. Yes, it’s a chain, but it’s a locally owned franchise, so I say it counts!

My favorite flavor of hard ice cream is cookies and cream. When I do a mix-your-own, like at Maggie Moo’s, I usually get caramel ice cream, then mix in Oreos, Heath bars and graham crackers.

If I’m going to buy ice cream to eat at home, I stay local with that, too… that Turkey Hill cookies and cream above is my pick.

Remember yesterday’s post about me working for Weight Watchers? Well, now you can see why I needed WW in the first place.

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